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Mobil unit for undervisning eller skole

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Hwer kan du få kjøpt en morsom unit med alle fasiliteter. Perfekt for trening eller Lab 



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Levering etter avtale mellom kjøper og selger.


Retur etter avtale mellom kjøper og selger.

GU-P 202, it is a fully self-contained electric dental system. Quick and easy to set up and operate. Ready for travel. Avaiable with optional piezo ultrasonic scaler, LED curing light, Turbine Air or electric motor with Straight and Contra Angle handpiece and fiber optic handpiece configurations.
It can be easily transported with pull-out handle and wheels, dentist can take the portable dental unit to visit his customers.
1.1pc 3-way syringe
2.2pcs handpiece tubing (2-hole/4-hole)
3.1pc saliva ejector
4.Self-contained clean water supply system (400ml)
5.Self-contained drainage bottle (400ml)
6.Foot switch
7.Self-contained oil free compressor (400W motor)
Weight:about 15kg
Dimension: 340X300X260mm(L*W*H)
Power:110~240V, 50/60Hz
Certified:FDA Certified
High speed or low speed handpiece;
Fiber optic handpiece;
LED curing light;
Ultrasonic scaler;
Portable dental chair with/without operation light, instrument tray and cuspidor;
Portable dentist stool.
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